Thank you for your interest in a career at 天博体育app; it's a great place to work. 西部大学是威斯康辛州16所技术学院之一 机会均等雇主 和教育家. 西部也是创始成员之一 大拉克罗斯地区多元化委员会

西方提供有竞争力的薪水和福利待遇, 还有对员工非常友好的工作环境. 的 college believes strongly in lifelong learning 和 provides a variety of professional development opportunities to employees.

而西部大学的主校区位于拉克罗斯, 天博体育app在黑河瀑布市也有五个地区分店, 独立, Mauston, 托玛和维罗奎, 以及斯巴达公共安全培训设施和斯巴达大学预科 & 过渡教育中心. 这些地点对想要上课的人来说很方便, 完成一个程序, or start their education close to home 和 transfer to another college or university once they have a foundation for continued learning.

西方的价值观 可持续性天博体育app的校园和天博体育app的社区. 天博体育app在可持续性和复原力工作方面是公认的全国领导者. 天博体育app的工作包括LEED认证的建筑、能源管理和回收. 由于天博体育app的可持续实践,天博体育app已经节省了100万美元的能源.


请随时点击天博体育app的网站了解更多关于西方的信息. 您也可以访问天博体育app关于天博体育app 页,以了解更多关于天博体育app的董事会,天博体育app的使命声明,以及其他有用的资源.



Faculty at 天博体育app (Western) teach diverse topics 和 come from equally diverse backgrounds. 的y make Western the essential experience for students because they have worked in their areas of expertise 和 bring real-life experiences 和 knowledge to their classrooms.

为了在西方教学, 你必须满足威斯康星技术学院系统(WTCS)的要求。, 高等教育委员会, 以及你的学术或职业领域的州和联邦许可. 这是在天博体育app设定的最低要求之外.


教师质素保证制度 is the system that ensures Western hires highly qualified faculty 和 provides ongoing professional development to support learner success. 威斯康星州行政规则(TCS 3)概述了这些要求,并适用于所有教师, 全职和兼职, 谁在WTCS内教授适用于学位或成人基础教育的课程.

Faculty who are hired to teach at Western must meet seven initial competencies designed to give new instructors the core ideas 和 broad underst和ings of teaching 和 learning at Western. 总的来说,这些能力是持续专业发展的跳板. 这七项能力包括:

  • 教学方法与技术,介绍基本学习理论和一系列引人入胜的教学策略
  • 评估, which acquaints instructors with a variety of ways to check for student underst和ing as well as use assessment results to improve teaching
  • 学生的成功, 它关注的是教师如何才能最好地帮助西方学生在课堂上取得成功, 在高等教育中, 及以后
  • 行为管理, which explores the strategies 和 tools that help to establish 和 maintain a positive learning experience for all students in the classroom
  • 课程设计, 使教师熟悉课程开发的租户和工具
  • 拥抱多样性, 哪个调查影响学院, 社区, 学生人口, 教师对教与学的看法
  • 数据与证据分析, which looks at how instructors collect 和 use data from their classrooms to inform decisions about teaching 和 learning.

All seven competencies must be met within three years of your hire date for full-time faculty 和 five years of your hire date for part-time faculty, 不管你是否在这段时间里一直在教学. 

入职后不久, new faculty members will receive a summary of their outst和ing competencies along with a schedule of course offerings that meet the outst和ing requirements. Newly hired faculty with teaching experience may have some of these requirements removed based on course 和 work experience after a review of each new faculty member’s application materials. 有时,需求的一部分也可能被删除. 教师有机会在整个过程中提供额外的文件. 


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以表彰他们对国家的贡献, Western provides paid military leave to full-time 和 part-time employees who are currently serving in active 和 inactive military duty in the National Guard or as a Reserve of the Armed Forces.


  • 全职同事在一个财政年度将获得120小时(15天x 8小时)的军事假, 或者相当于三周工作40小时. Military leave will be prorated for regular part-time co-workers on the number of hours in the co-worker's regularly scheduled pay period. 
  • Up to 22 workdays of military leave may be granted per calendar year for emergency duty as ordered by the President or a State governor. 这可能是为了执法或保护生命和财产. 


根据1988年的《体育投注网》 1989年《体育投注网》威斯康星州法规,第961章,统一管制物质法,特采取以下政策:


学校规定禁止非法制造, 分布, 调剂, 占有, 或者在工作场所使用受管制的物质. “管制物质”是指下列所列的物质 美国《体育投注网》第202节附表1至附表5.S.C. 第812节. 在其他物质中, 它包括大麻等非法毒品, 可卡因, 裂纹, 卡式肺囊虫肺炎, 海洛因, 吗啡, 和迷幻药.


An employee must notify the 人力资源 Director no later than five (5) days after the employee has received any criminal drug statute conviction based on a violation which occurred in the workplace. 学院将在十(10)天内向相关联邦机构报告此类定罪. 就本公告规定而言, 定罪包括认定有罪, 无抗辩抗辩, 和/or an imposition of sentence by any judicial body for any violation of a criminal statute involving the unlawful manufacture, 分布, 调剂, 占有, 或者在工作场所使用受管制的物质.


遵守这项政策是继续受雇的一个条件. 如果员工违反了本政策的任何方面, 学院将采取适当的纪律处分, 直至并包括放电. 此外, the employee may be required to satisfactorily participate in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program approved for such purpose by federal, 州或地方卫生, 执法, 或其他适当的机构.



除非另有规定, 天博体育app shall conduct a criminal background check on new hires as part of an offer of employment that is made contingent upon a successful criminal background check on all regular employees 和 selectively, 根据分配的职责,兼职和勤工俭学的工作人员和学生实习生和志愿者. 的 final decision on whether a criminal background check will be performed on this latter group of employees will be based on the level of direct supervision 和 guidance provided to individuals in these categories 和 the nature of the duties of the job.





  • Job applicants will be made aware that criminal background checks will be conducted by notification on the job announcement 和 notation on the application
  • Applicants will complete a consent form that authorizes the District to conduct a criminal background check.
  • 的 criminal background check will be restricted to conviction information only 和 will be conducted following the offer of employment.
  • 犯罪背景调查将由人力资源部发起和审查. Those criminal background checks conducted on potential new regular staff will be conducted through a third party vendor while those conducted on part-time 和 student staff will be accomplished using the Wisconsin Criminal Courts systems website.
  • 因为犯罪背景调查的保密性, only Human Resource staff members are authorized to conduct criminal background checks or review the results to determine if the applicant's arrest or conviction record is "substantially related" to the position as required by the Wisconsin Fair 就业 Act. 在哪些方面不确定信息的应用, 人力资源部将向法律顾问咨询.
  • Background check records should be maintained in secure files in the 人力资源 Department to ensure the records remain confidential 和 will be disclosed only as necessary 和 appropriate for use in the hiring process.




根据珍妮克莱里披露校园安全政策和校园犯罪统计法案, 天博体育app provides information pertaining to all campus security policies 和 annual crime statistics to the public.

西方的观点 年度保安及消防报告及政策声明